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Hiring a lawyer doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Our goal is to make a family law attorney accessible to almost anyone, by offering a full range of services from firm offers a full range of services from document drafting to "unbundled" court appearances.  Clients can also "retain" our firm to handle all aspects of their case.

UNBUNDLED SERVICES:  By handling part of the case yourself, and having an attorney handle the more difficult parts of your case (like court appearances or complex legal documents) you can save substantial sums of money.  Divorces involve a lot of paperwork, some of which can be time consuming to complete and thus expensive to have an attorney prepare.  Lots of helpful information and most of the forms you need are available free of charge online at  When you decide you need an attorney, such as for help with the Court documents or for an upcoming hearing, our office is there to help you.  We offer free limited assistance by email, we can meet with you to help you prepare your forms, and can discuss your case and represent you at any Court appearances.

RETAINED CLIENTS:  If you prefer to have an attorney handle every aspect of your case, we also accept clients "on retainer."  When you retain an attorney, the attorney will "appear" on your case and all Court records.  From that point forward, the lawyer will handle every aspect of your case.  While you are still free to communicate directly with your spouse, when you retain an attorney, all correspondence, communication and court filings, whether from the Court or the opposing side, would be directed to and handled by your attorney.

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