Hiring a lawyer doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  It can be easier and less expesive than you think.  You can save a lot of money by having an attorney represent you in court (at hearings or trials), but doing the expensive work yourself (with the guidance of an attorney).

Divorces involve a lot of paperwork, some of which can be time consuming to complete.  Lots of helpful information and most of the forms you need are available free of charge online at http://www.familylawselfhelpcenter.org/.  But if you prefer, you can still have our staff prepare the forms for you (at an additional cost).

Hiring an attorney to prepare the forms for you is expensive because they are so time consuming to draft.  Much of the information in these forms is information you need to provide to the lawyer anyway.  You end up paying the lawyer to edit your work and put in the applicable laws and cases–the same laws and cases that are already in the Court’s free forms.

It is much more cost effective to do the forms yourself.  You can then limit your legal fees to having a lawyer with you in Court.  The most intimidating--even frightening–part of representing yourself is probably handling Court appearances.  So just hire an attorney to represent you in case and tap the skill, experience and expertise of an experienced litigation attorney.

The process is easy:

FIRST: If you simply have a question you can email me FREE OF CHARGE for help with your legal issue.  There is no charge for email consultations or answers to questions.

SECOND:  Meet with one of our attorneys to go over your case.  The fee for this service is $100 for up to one hour with the attorney.  The attorney will listen to the facts of your case and provide you with advice on how to proceed with your case from start to finish, including which documents you should file and how best to complete those documents.  The attorney will even provide you with free copies of the necessary forms and instructions on how to complete them.  If you prefer, the attorney can also complete the forms for you instead (for an additional fee).

SECOND: File your forms with the Court.  Once your forms are completed they are ready for filing with the Court.  Filing is easy but it can be a time-consuming process.  Doing it yourself saves the attorney the time required to file and saves YOU significant legal fees.  If you prefer, our office can file the forms for you for and additional fee.

THIRD: Meet with your attorney to prepare for the hearing.  Once your documents are filed you will be provided a court date and time.  Once you have this information you should schedule a meeting with your attorney to retain him or her for Court.  The fee for representation at one hearing is $500.  The attorney will review your forms again, prepare a hearing outline and meet you at the Courthouse on the day of your hearing or trial.

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